Pico teams were kept extremely busy this summer with numerous pavilion projects at Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea. With 104 participating countries exhibiting on the theme ‘The Living Ocean and Coast’, the Expo was a true showcase of marvels from around the world. Dedication, hard work and attention to detail paid off in particular at three ‘Pico pavilions’, each of which was the recipient of multiple awards: Lithuania, the Philippines and Singapore.

The Expo 2012 Official Participants Awards were organised by the Bureau International des Expositions, and honoured each of the three pavilions: the Philippines won a Gold Award for Theme Development and a Gold Award for Creative Display, Lithuania won a Silver Award for Creative Display, while Singapore won a Silver Award for Theme Development.

The Exhibitor Magazine Expo 2012 Awards honoured the most impressive work at the Expo. An all-star group of exhibit and event experts from a number of disciplines highlighted some of the most inspired and creative pavilions at the show. These judges gave awards to the same three Pico pavilions: Singapore was the winner in the Best Activity/Interactive category, while Lithuania received an Honourable Mention in the Best Exhibit/Small Pavilion category, and the Philippines won the Best Exhibit/Small Pavilion category.

Including our latest successes at Yeosu in 2012, Pico has built up an impressive portfolio of World Expo work, creating more than 70 Expo pavilions since the 1980s. Download the Pico Expo iPad/iPhone app here to see how we’re getting ready for the universal Milan Expo in 2015!