Pico was appointed by the Organizing Committee of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea to design and build one of the centerpiece attractions of the Expo: the iconic Marine Life Pavilion. Our creative teams developed a stunning 850 sq. m. oceanic experience to fully engage visitors. The Marine Life pavilion consisted of two zones: a living exhibit which allowed visitors to experience the diversity of ecologies and life forms which exist in a mudflat ecosystem, and a thrilling 4D submarine journey to some of the world’s most mysterious ocean environments.

Using living and interactive displays; a dreamy, underwater feel; and a strongly positive message, visitors left the pavilion both impressed and informed.

With over 100 countries participating and eight million visitors expected, Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea showcased a wide range of perspectives on the diversity of mankind’s connection with the sea under the theme  ‘The Living Ocean and Coast’. In addition to the Marine Life Pavilion, Pico’s professional expertise was also called upon to create ten other themed and country pavilions.

Including our work at Yeosu in 2012,  Pico has built up an impressive portfolio of World Expo work, creating more than 70 Expo pavilions since the 1980s.