Youth City 2030 is an annual event organized by Bahrain’s General Organization for Youth and Sports (GOYS). The event focuses on key growth areas for Bahraini youth, aiming to promote creative thinking among them and encourage talent in areas such as leadership, media, information technology, arts, languages, science and sports.

A key objective of the Bahraini government is to promote a bright future for the nation’s youth. The Youth City project entailed month long workshops and programs to help children and young adults find their calling. Whether through personality development or skills training, Bahrain is invested in their future.

In August 2014, Youth City 2030 marked its fifth anniversary. Pico Bahrain was selected as the preferred official programme partner for the fifth consecutive year, having proven capability in concepts, design, branding, event management and venue setup.

The Youth City design concept was trendy and colourful. Pico transformed the 6000 square metres of the Bahrain Exhibition Centre to a live education city. Geometric lines and hip, vibrant colors accentuated the venue. The event setup included multi-colored furniture, hanging elements, imposing fascia and bright LED lit floors with interactive screen tunnels. The elements were enveloped by active moving lights, adding an exciting vibe to the space.

Another objective for GOYS was to promote environmental consciousness among the youth by using production materials strategically. Pico was well-equipped to handle this, using recycled materials such as particle boards, eco-friendly paints and carpets, light reusable fabrics and low wattage wash lights.