Nothing is as it first seems in TRANSPORTA, and the usual laws of cause-and-effect may or may not apply. For those who take this special installation’s Pico-activated journey, it is a truly mind-expanding experience.



An immersed audience is not just surrounded by an experience; it is involved. Given this, the installation should be conceptually 'edutainment', integrating interactive technologies with a creative multimedia storyline to take visitors on a journey of unexpected experiences. Their ultimate reward would be new knowledge, new perspectives, and a desire to discover more through discussion and investigation.


The physical installation evolved around the design of a ‘journey', with visitors travelling via ‘portals’ from one experience to the next. Progress from world to world and discovery to discovery was unconventional, with actions such as touching, pushing, swinging, waving and walking being answered by lights, sounds, projections and other forms of sensory information.

The team dove deep into science to ensure the installation’s accuracy with contents that included quantum physics and the expansion of the universe. Highlights included a vending machine which led the way to the 'Quirky World of Quarks', an immersive environment where visitors played with interactive ‘quark’ shapes that intensified in colour and reacted through surround sound.


More than 13,000 people passed through TRANSPORTA in January-February 2019. The installation received coverage from TheSmartLocal, T Magazine, Nylon Singapore and Time Out Singapore.

  • A' Design Award & Competition 2018-2019: Bronze A' Design Award in the Event and Happening Design Award category
  • SG Mark 2020: Winner in the Experience Design category